Speaking Topics


  • Get In The Game – Why And How To Defend Your Faith
  • Is Anybody Up There? – Does The Christian God Exist?
  • Check Your Glasses – The Importance Of A Biblical Worldview
  • Is Jesus Just A┬áMyth? – The Historical Jesus And The Case For The Resurrection
  • Can You Trust Your Bible? – The Reliability Of The New Testament
  • When The Cults Coming Knocking – How To Respond To The “Guys At The Door”
  • Contradict – How To Respond To Non-Christian Religions
  • Aborting Abortion – Examining Ten Of The Most Common Arguments For Abortion
  • There’s An App For Doubt (Four Part Series)
  • But My Biology Teacher Said…- Learning To Spot Logical Fallacies In Evolutionary Arguments
  • Seeing The Whole Picture- God, Gender, And Sexuality
  • The Big Three- Engaging The Three Questions Everyone Wants To Know About Same-Sex Attraction

Engaging Culture

  • Liberalism, Evangelicalism, And Fundamentalism In America Today

Personal Testimony

  • How God Saved A Christian

Spiritual Growth

  • Back To Basics – The Five Fundamentals Of Christian Growth (As A Single Talk Or A Five Part Series)
  • Making Your Tense Past Past Tense (Five Part Series)
  • Philemon, Phreedom, And Phorgiveness – How To Be Like God
  • Why Did You Do That? – Developing A Biblical View Of Behavior


  • Introduction
    • Why Study Theology?
    • How To Study Theology
  • The Doctrine Of The Bible
    • The Inspiration Of The Bible
    • The Inerrancy Of The Bible
    • The Inclusion Of The Bible
    • The Integrity Of The Bible
  • The Doctrine Of God
    • A Natural Theology Of The Attributes Of God
    • A Systematic Theology Of The Attributes Of God
    • God Is Trinity
    • God And His World
  • The Doctrine Of Christ
    • The Deity Of Christ
    • The Humanity Of Christ
    • The Person Of Christ
    • The Historical Christ
    • The Ministry Of Christ
  • The Doctrine Of The Holy Spirit
    • The Deity And Personality Of The Holy Spirit
    • The Ministries Of The Holy Spirit