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jeriahI. Speaker Bio

Jeriah D. Shank is a Christian apologist and the pastor of First Baptist Church in Monroe, Iowa. He has a B.S. in Bible and pastoral counseling and an M.Div. and M.A. in theological studies from Faith Baptist Bible College and Theological Seminary, an M.A. in apologetics from Summit University’s Baptist Bible Seminary, certificates in apologetics from Biola University and the Creation Apologetics Teacher’s College, and is a D.Min. student in apologetics from Southern Evangelical Seminary. Jeriah’s teaching focuses on the historical Jesus, the creation/evolution controversy, the psychology of belief, and other issues related to the existence of God. In addition to his public speaking, he has been published in denominational magazines and on various websites. He is joined in life and ministry by his wife and two daughters as they wait to be reunited with their third daughter in heaven. For information and resources, visit his website at www.thesongoftheredeemed.com

II. Life As It Is

I am, professionally speaking, first a pastor, second an apologist, third a theologian, and fourth a counselor. In my professional research and study, I focus on the historical sources that establish the events of the life and ministry of Jesus, specifically first and second century, non-christian sources. I also study the history of the New Testament and its reliability as a historical source. In addition, I am interested in issues related to the philosophy of science, the psychology of doubt and belief, and marriage and family counseling. I serve as the Senior Pastor  at First Baptist Church of Monroe, Iowa and have been since December of 2010.

I am joined in life and ministry by my wife, Shawna, and daughters Hannah and Kaylee. In February of 2012, we said good bye to our six week old daughter, Brenna, and are looking forward to seeing her in Heaven again someday.

I love meeting new people and am passionate about the true Gospel and its power to transform lives both now and forever. For fun, as a self-admitted nerd,  I thoroughly enjoy reading and writing. I also enjoy playing  guitars and drums, playing monopoly, spending time with my family and friends, counseling at the Iowa Regular Baptist Special Camp, shooting guns, and watching movies. Though technically not yet proven, rumor has it I make the best bbq ribs on Earth and will challenge anyone to prove me wrong!

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